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you know: 
It is official from the USDA:  The
2012/2013 USA
Mushroom Cash Crop was over $1 Billion!!!  There were only 298 registered
growers!!!  Maybe you should check out "IMGN" and start getting your share!


you see that there were only 298 reported growers?


Did you know if you can grow mushrooms you are a
big jump ahead of others who want to get in on this?


on, and learn some important information that

may very well change your life.


If you want to learn more about the world of mushrooms, this special membership is
just for you. No matter if you just want to grow a few mushrooms for your own
personal use, or you want to start your own mushroom business, joining FMRC's
IMGN will be a smart decision. Here are just a few reasons why. There is a
"one time" fee of only $200.00 ($230.00 Overseas and Out of Country),
and you are then a lifetime member along with over 7,000 other members,
worldwide. IMGN opens up your communications link to the world of mushrooms….
And it has been here since 1983.  This is
what you get:


CERTIFICATE AND "ID" CARD : You receive a large Membership
Certificate for framing. You also receive a personal "ID" Card to
carry with you in your wallet. These credentials not only give you credibility,
they also make it very easy for you when talking to land owners about hunting
mushrooms on their property.


PRODUCED BY MUSHROOMS AND OTHER FUNGI : You receive this confidential compound
list. This special publication allows you to look up a compound and find out
what mushroom or other fungus produces it. Look up these compounds listed in
Chemical Supply Catalogs and see with your own eyes, what they are worth. You
will know where these compounds come from, and the specific source of


FREE CHOICE OF $200 WORTH OF MUSHROOM SPORES : Your free choice of any
combination of Mushroom Spores up to $200 value. Choices can be made from the
FMRC Catalog or from our OnLine Mushroom Spore Bank posted at our website
www.mushroomsfmrc.com. Only catalog numbered spore print samples can be used,
special sales or other spore collections do not apply.


MUSHROOM RESEARCHER" : You receive a free copy of "The Mushroom
Researcher" a $50 value. This book lists 358 different entries of
mushrooms that have antiviral, antibiotic, anticancer, and even anti-aging
activity. A valuable "must" for any mushroom researcher. For more
information on the contents of this book, see FMRC's Catalog at our website.


TECHNICAL ADVICE : If you ever need any technical advice on any aspect dealing
with mushrooms, may it just be on cultivation or your own mushroom business,
this too is free,


AND WHERE TO SELL YOUR MUSHROOM PRODUCTS : People call us all the time looking
for a certain mushroom, mushroom product, or mushroom extraction. We supply
IMGN Members these names. Let us know what you have to sell, and we will let
you know who is buying. It is just that simple. 
We never give out a Member’s information.  What we do is take the information from the
person who wants to purchase.  We then
send that information to the IMGN Member who has the said wanted product.  It is up to the IMGN Member to contact the
person, only if they wish to.


MUSHROOM CULTURE", The Journal Of Mushroom Cultivation (TMC)

You get an entire year's free subscription to the world's only color mushroom
journal that comes with actual live mushroom spore print samples. This is the
official newsletter for the IMGN. Because you are a IMGN Member, you receive
"RESTRICTED" issues. These issues sometimes contain spore print
samples that are restricted. Restricted spore samples are classed by us as ones
that are capable of producing controlled substances.  Your issues will contain all color
photographs and all mushroom spore samples. Restricted Issues containing any
Restricted prints (prints that may be illegal in your area) are not sent into
illegal areas such as CA, GA, ID, or correctional facilities, and others.
Non-Restricted Issues (issues that do not contain said type spore samples) are
sent instead. This FREE year’s subscription is a $30.00 value ($50 Overseas and
Out Of Country). When the year’s free subscription is up, you must pay for
subscription in order to continue receiving TMC.


OF THE GODS" : You get this landmark mushroom video that took 7 years to
produce. This $86 Video will be a classic forever. Covers many aspects of
mushrooms including the Psychoactives. For more information on this video's contents,
see FMRC's online Catalog. DVD is available. 
No Video.


Besides receiving over $700.00 in free products and services, you become
part of an international network of people with interests in mushrooms. The
IMGN strength is over 7,000 members worldwide. IMGN Members have no
restrictions on any spore purchases. Simply give your IMGN Membership number
when ordering any restricted spores, and give a good legal shipping address.


“The Gospel of

This is the 3 CD-ROM set that has all of “The Mushroom Culture Back
Issues #01 through #99!  That is another $60.00 item…..free
And……the #3 Gospel, TMC Issues #70 thru #99, that lists for $40.00.  Now that’s not just another $60.00 item free,
its another $100.00 worth of free benefits. 

“THE  MUSHROOM  CULTURE”, The Journal of
Mushroom Cultivation (TMC)……Now comes the #3 CD-ROM of “The Gospel of
Mushrooms”.  This new #3 CD comes with all the Back Issues #70 TMC thru
#99 TMC!  Just like #1 and #2, the #3 CD comes in color, just like the
Issues were published.  Just place it in your computer, and you will be
there to see it all.  To check out the Contents of these past Back Issues,
just go to www.mushroomsfmrc.com and click Catalog. 
Then scroll on down until you come to the Back Issue section for our Journals.


CD-ROM, TMC’s #70 - #83…………$40.00 




The latest in on the USA Mushroom Crop Sales for 2012-2013.  The total mushroom crop sales for this year exceeded $1 Billion for the 3rd straight year!  The crop totaled 896 million pounds, a little lower than last season.  The value of this crop was $1.11 billion.  The number of registered growers was 298, up 17 from last season.
So that means, about 300 growers shared over 1 billion, 1 million dollars.  Did you get that?  If done right, mushroom growing can be very awarding and there are many family businesses involved with this.  Mushroom growing is a good sound business to get into without having a big investment.  Best way to get in on this is to know the ropes.  What's the best way to learn these ropes?  Join FMRC's "Independent Mushroom Grower's Network", IMGN.  We have over 7,000 members worldwide.  It has been around since the early 1980's.  Another good thing to do is take FMRC's "Correspondence Course" Doctor's Degree Course.  Go to www.mushroomsfmrc.com/gpage2.html to learn more about IMGN.  Currently there is a sale that will save you money big time.  Get IMGN for only $200.00 ($230.00 out of country Overseas Airmail).    So go to the Post Office and buy a Postal Money Order for $200.00 and make it out to FMRC.  Mail it to FMRC, POB 18105, Pensacola, FL 32523 along with a written request for the IMGN Membership.  This is the best investment you can make getting started.  All kinds of information will be at your hands including how to cultivate many, many different species of mushrooms.  Also learn secrets like how to get cheap or free substrates to grow your mushrooms on.  Then get ready to start collecting your share of this money.  Highest Regards, Stephen L. Peele, Curator FMRC

national income is helped so much by truffle sales, it is called their 13th
month. With weapons sales, perfumes, fashions, and other exotic exports, this
is saying a lot. China
has taken over the world market with Agaricus bisporus (the commercial
"Button" mushroom). Japan has been the world's leader in Shiitake
cultivation, but because of increasing demand in this country, many Shiitake
farms are now springing up here in America. Take for instance the
" Three River Farms" mushroom company. The
following was taken from #15 "TMC" July 95: "The mushroom
company started just 3 years ago. It was started in a lumber yard "gone
bad" due to slack of housing construction. They called me saying they were
about to lose everything, and could they grow any mushrooms. To me, they were
sitting on a gold mine with all that wood they could not sell. The company
grows Shiitake on wood. They expect of make $2.5 million in 1995. They use 8
tons of sawdust every 3 weeks. With the help of 22 employees, they produce
3,500 Ibs. of Shiitake every week. They expect to produce 10,000 Ibs. a week by


AND RESEARCH COMPOUNDS : This huge new market is not even part of the $900
million quoted earlier. Their worth is staggering. Phalloidin for instance is
now going for over $100 per mg. Keep in mind that there are 1,000 mgs. in ONE
gram! That's $100,000 a gram! Look it up in any chemical supply catalog, like
SIGMA. If you, or your company's area of business or research is in this field,
you may qualify to enter this new and very profitable unique market. New AIDS
research with Maitake mushrooms have caused this mushroom to bring as much as
$300 a pound when this was discovered. You will have little or no competition
in this market.

These compounds include antibiotics, antitumor agents, antiviral agents, and
even anticancer agents. One of the anticancer agents, Lentinan, showed 80%
remission factor in Sarcoma and other related cancers, with just a 10 day
treatment. If Lentinan was applied before cancer implant, it was 100%
effective. Panaeolus subbalteatus, a psilocybin producing mushroom, has shown
to be effective against polio virus in mice. Other psilocybin producing
mushrooms are now believed to have powers of improving hearing, eyesight,
circulation, and activating the body's immune system, even correcting “Cluster
Headaches”.   Enoke Mushrooms show Cancer remission (#77 TMC
January 2008).  There have been stories reported that certain people who
live down in some of the valleys in Mexico , live to be 130 to 140
years old. There is evidence now being gathered which points to Mexican
mushroom cults as the source for these stories. We at FMRC do not think eating
any mushroom is going to make you live to 130. However, if certain mushrooms do
enhance the immune system, you would not die as easily from colds, flu, or
other ailments which strike old people down so many times. The late Dr. Pollock
believed that the mushroom Psilocybe tampanensis held great potential for
psychotherapy and treatment of asthma patients. Mushroom RNA has shown to be
effective against influenza. Interferon stimulating properties are even now
being found.


are now building up a client list in need of these compounds. The true fact is,
the medical people who want these mushrooms for extraction purposes, do not
know how to identify them, much less, grow them in their labs. This is where
you can play a very important role. If you have been able to cultivate
mushrooms, you have a very special talent. If you are of this caliber, you know
it is a special talent. Growing a mushroom is not growing a tomato plant. If
you wish to do your own extractions, no complicated lab equipment or knowledge
is needed. These extractions are done very easily. FMRC makes available
reference texts giving all the simple directions you will need. Having the
organic material (the Mushrooms) from which to do the extractions is the
problem. If you can cultivate the mushroom from which you wish to do the
extractions, you have solved the problem. If you know where to collect these
mushrooms from the wild, you have solved the problem. This is why these
extractions are worth so much. The people who want these mushrooms and their
extractions pay good prices. Besides, the cost is tax deductible as an expense
to them.

We are looking for people with this kind of insight. We wish to have
independent growers from which we can purchase needed mushrooms, or refer other
clients to them. We do not wish to have any kind of exclusive agreement. This
allows you to do business with any firm you want. You sell your product to
anyone you want to.


MEMBERSHIP IS ONLY $200.00 : Membership has been in force since it was started
back in 1983. This is a one time investment. If you are a little short this
month for cash, but you want to join, we do not want this to prevent you from
joining. You can also join IMGN by sending only $50, and then pay off the
$150.00 balance at your own convenience. This is how the payment plan works:
You send $50 and request IMGN Membership. You receive your IMGN Certificate and
"ID" Card. Your 1 year's free subscription to "TMC" is
started. No other IMGN Membership benefits are shipped, or entitled, until the
balance of $150.00 is paid. You are not a full member until the full $200.00 is




Please consider this invitation to work with FMRC through lMGN Membership. It
could be something that really will MUSHROOM. In fact, it already has
started……we have now also included "The Gospel of Mushrooms". This is
the 3 CD-ROM set that has all of "The Mushroom Culture Back Issues #01
through #99! A $60.00 item.  And added the #3 Gospel….Issues #70 thru #99, a $40.00 item.  That is another $100.00 worth of items…..free.


Regards, STEPHEN L. PEELE Curator, FMRC


Send request to join IMGN and payment $200.00 (best method
of payment is a Postal Money Order that you buy at your local Post Office) made
out to FMRC, POB 18105, Pensacola,
FL 32523