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Do you have some rare or collectible item you would like to list here and sell?  Just send $20.00 with your add to FMRC, POB 18105, Pensacola,FL 32523 (you can also email your ad with pictures), and it will be posted up here until it is sold, or you remove the ad.  Your ad also can have up to one full screen page!  We now have over 120,000 hits a month here at this site, and they are from all over the world.  You are in control and potential customers contact you directly by your given contact information in your ad.  No eBay problems or control.  You do it your way, like YOU want.  If you wish to remain unknown, you can use us as the "go between" and use FMRC for contact.  We will handle the sale for you.  For more information on this, contact peele@frontier.com and ask for it.  All final ads are approved or disapproved by FMRC.  If you discover any items in this section that are no longer available, please email floridamycology@cs.com or peele@frontier.com and let us know.  Good Hunting & Good Shopping!                   


1927 Thompsom S O L D

The first story about Psychoactive Mushrooms appeared in this now famous Issue of LIFE Magazine........the May 13, 1957 Issue!  15 pages of Mycological Dynamite including color pictures of many "new" Psilocybe Mushrooms.......those that produce "Strange Visions".                            We have been authorized to release 2 copies which are graded Good to Fine Condition.  These 2 copies are priced at $1,000.00 each.  We have one copy graded Fair.  This copy is priced at $600.00.  This status is current and will be updated upon any changes.                                                                                              ----------------------------------------------------                      



For mail orders, simply write or type items you wish to order. Use catalog numbers whenever they are given. Always give complete description of item. Show what item cost. Total up the entire order. There are no other hidden charges like postage, handling, or insurance. You send only the amount listed. The best method of payment is a U.S. Postal Money Order made out to FMRC. Personal checks are accepted.  FMRC will replace any item which is faulty, and will stand behind products listed in this catalog 100%.

Out of Country and Overseas Airmail customers must add an addtional $10.00 for each item ordered (if exact amount of extra $ is not given, and check or money order must be drawn on a USA Bank.  If you send U.S. Dollars Cash, insure or register large amounts.

You are about to enter a very unusual store.  Not only are Mushroom Related Items here, but other rare & "lost" items are here too.  Some items you never knew were for sale.

                         FMRC's  Store

Sponsored by:
Florida Mycology Research Center (FMRC)
POB 18105, Pensacola, FL  32523

Did you know:   It is official from the USDA:  The 2010/2011 USA Mushroom Cash Crop was $1 Billion!!!  There were only 282 registered growers!!!  Sales up 9% from last year.  Maybe you should check out "IMGN" and start getting your share!

Did you see that there were only 282 reported growers?

Did you know if you can grow mushrooms you are a
big jump ahead of others who want to get in on this?

Read on, and learn some important information that
may very well change your life.
If you want to learn more about the world of mushrooms, this special membership is just for you.
No matter if you just want to grow a few mushrooms for your own personal use, or you want to start your own mushroom business, joining FMRC's IMGN will be a smart decision. Here are just a few reasons why. There is a "one time" fee of only $200.00 ($230.00 Overseas and Out of Country), and you are then a lifetime member along with over 5,000 other members, worldwide. IMGN opens up your communications link to the world of mushrooms. This is what you get:

MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE AND "ID" CARD : You receive a large Membership Certificate for framing. You also receive a personal "ID" Card to carry with you in your wallet. These credentials not only give you credibility, they also make it very easy for you when talking to land owners about hunting mushrooms on their property.

COMPOUNDS PRODUCED BY MUSHROOMS AND OTHER FUNGI : You receive this confidential compound list. This special publication allows you to look up a compound and find out what mushroom or other fungus produces it. Look up these compounds listed in Chemical Supply Catalogs and see with your own eyes, what they are worth. You will know where these compounds come from, and the specific source of extraction.

YOUR FREE CHOICE OF $200 WORTH OF MUSHROOM SPORES : Your free choice of any combination of Mushroom Spores up to $200 value. Choices can be made from the FMRC Catalog or from our OnLine Mushroom Spore Bank posted at our website. Only catalog numbered spore print samples can be used, special sales or other spore collections do not apply.

"THE MUSHROOM RESEARCHER" : You receive a free copy of "The Mushroom Researcher" a $50 value. This book lists 358 different entries of mushrooms that have antiviral, antibiotic, anticancer, and even anti-aging activity. A valuable "must" for any mushroom researcher. For more information on the contents of this book, see page 33 of FMRC's Main Catalog.

FREE TECHNICAL ADVICE : If you ever need any technical advice on any aspect dealing with mushrooms, may it just be on cultivation or your own mushroom business, this too is free.

HOW AND WHERE TO SELL YOUR MUSHROOM PRODUCTS : People call us all the time looking for a certain mushroom, mushroom product, or mushroom extraction. We supply IMGN Members these names. Let us know what you have to sell, and we will let you know who is buying. It is just that simple.  We give you their names.  You contact them on your terms.  We never give out IMGN Members information.

"THE MUSHROOM CULTURE", The Journal Of Mushroom Cultivation (TMC)
You get an entire year's free subscription to the world's only color mushroom journal that comes with actual live mushroom spore print samples. This is the official newsletter for the IMGN. Because you are a IMGN Member, you receive "RESTRICTED" issues. These issues sometimes contain spore print samples that are restricted. Your issues will contain all color photographs and all mushroom spore samples. Restricted Issues containing any Restricted prints (prints that may be illegal in your area) are not sent into illegal areas such as CA, GA, ID, or correctional facilities, and others. Non-Restricted Issues (issues that do not contained said type spore samples) are sent instead. This FREE year's subscription is a $30.00 value ($50 Overseas and Out Of Country). When the year's free subscription is up, you must pay for subscription in order to continue receiving TMC.

"FRUIT OF THE GODS" : You get this landmark mushroom video in DVD that took 7 years to produce. This $86 mushroom documentary will be a classic forever. Covers many aspects of mushrooms with in-depth covering of the Psychoactives. For more information on this video's contents, see page 33 for more information and contents.
Besides receiving over $700.00 in free products and services, you become part of an international network of people with interests in mushrooms. The IMGN strength is over 5,000 members worldwide. IMGN Members have no restrictions on any spore purchases. Simply give your IMGN Membership number when ordering any restricted spores, and give a good legal shipping address.

"The Gospel of Mushrooms" - This is the 2 CD-ROM set that has all of "The Mushroom Culture Back Issues #01 through #69!  That is another $60.00 item…..free.  See its contents on page 14 of FMRC's Main Catalog.

It is official from the USDA: The 2010/2011 USA Mushroom Cash Crop was $1 Billion!!! This was with 282 reported GROWERS! USDA Report 2010-2011 USA Mushroom Cash Crop. France's national income is helped so much by truffle sales, it is called their 13th month. With weapons sales, perfumes, fashions, and other exotic exports, this is saying a lot. China has taken over the world market with Agaricus bisporus (the commercial "Button" mushroom). Japan has been the world's leader in Shiitake cultivation, but because of increasing demand in this country, many Shiitake farms are now springing up here in America. Take for instance the " Three River Farms" mushroom company. The following was taken from #15 "TMC" July 95: "The mushroom company started just 3 years ago. It was started in a lumber yard "gone bad" due to slack of housing construction. They called me saying they were about to lose everything, and could they grow any mushrooms. To me, they were sitting on a gold mine with all that wood they could not sell. The company grows Shiitake on wood. They expect of make $2.5 million in 1995. They use 8 tons of sawdust every 3 weeks. With the help of 22 employees, they produce 3,500 Ibs. of Shiitake every week. They expect to produce 10,000 Ibs. a week by 1996."

MEDICAL AND RESEARCH COMPOUNDS : This huge new market is not even part of the $1 Billion quoted earlier. Their worth is staggering. Phalloidin for instance is now going for about $100 per mg. Keep in mind that there are 1,000 mgs. in ONE gram! That's $100,000 a gram! Look it up in any chemical supply catalog, like SIGMA. If you, or your company's area of business or research is in this field, you may qualify to enter this new and very profitable unique market. New AIDS research with Maitake mushrooms have caused this mushroom to bring as much as $300 a pound, a few years ago. You will have little or no competition in this market.
These compounds include antibiotics, antitumor agents, antiviral agents, and even anticancer agents. One of the anticancer agents, Lentinan, showed 80% remission factor in Sarcoma and other related cancers, with just a 10 day treatment. If Lentinan was applied before cancer implant, it was 100% effective. Panaeolus subbalteatus, a psilocybin producing mushroom, has shown to be effective against polio virus in mice. Other psilocybin producing mushrooms are now believed to have powers of improving hearing, eyesight, circulation, and activating the body's immune system. Enoke Mushrooms show Cancer remission (#77 TMC January 2008).  There have been stories reported that certain people who live down in some of the valleys in Mexico, live to be 130 to 140 years old. There is evidence now being gathered which points to Mexican mushroom cults as the source for these stories. We at FMRC do not think eating any mushroom is going to make you live to 130. However, if certain mushrooms do enhance the immune system, you would not die as easily from colds, flu, or other ailments which strike old people down so many times. The late Dr. Pollock believed that the mushroom Psilocybe tampanensis held great potential for psychotherapy and treatment of asthma patients. Mushroom RNA has shown to be effective against influenza. Interferon stimulating properties are even now being found.
We are now building up a client list in need of these compounds. The true fact is, the medical people who want these mushrooms for extraction purposes, do not know how to identify them, much less, grow them in their labs. This is where you can play a very important role. If you have been able to cultivate mushrooms, you have a very special talent. If you are of this caliber, you know it is a special talent. Growing a mushroom is not growing a tomato plant. If you wish to do your own extractions, no complicated lab equipment or knowledge is needed. These extractions are done very easily. FMRC makes available reference texts giving all the simple directions you will need. Having the organic material (the Mushrooms) from which to do the extractions is the problem. If you can cultivate the mushroom from which you wish to do the extractions, you have solved the problem. If you know where to collect these mushrooms from the wild, you have solved the problem. This is why these extractions are worth so much. The people who want these mushrooms and their extractions pay good prices. Besides, the cost is tax deductible as an expense to them.  We are looking for people with this kind of insight. We wish to have independent growers from which we can purchase needed mushrooms, or refer other clients to them. We do not wish to have any kind of exclusive agreement. This allows you to do business with any firm you want. You sell your product to anyone you want to.

IMGN MEMBERSHIP IS ONLY $200.00 : Membership has been in force since it was started back in 1983. This is a one time investment. If you are a little short this month for cash, but you want to join, we do not want this to prevent you from joining. You can also join IMGN by sending only $50, and then payoff the $150.00 balance at your own convenience. This is how the payment plan works: You send $50 and request IMGN Membership. You receive your IMGN Certificate and "ID" Card. Your 1 year's free subscription to "TMC" is started. No other IMGN Membership benefits are shipped, or entitled, until the balance of $150.00 is paid. You are not a full member until the full $200.00 is paid.
OVERSEAS AND OUT OF COUNTRY $230.00.   Please consider this invitation to work with FMRC through lMGN Membership. It could be something hat really will MUSHROOM. In fact, it already has started……

we just have now also included "The Gospel of Mushrooms". This is the 2 CD-ROM set that has all of "The Mushroom Culture Back Issues #01 through #69! That is another $60.00 item…..free.  The #3 Gospel has now been added.  Mail your IMGN request and payment made out to:
FMRC, POB 18105, Pensacola, FL  32523


The Study
of Gilled Mushrooms
FMRC was the first to introduce home correspondence courses to study mushrooms. Certificate of Completion, from Associate to Doctor's are offered. Don't be fooled by "come lately" courses that others have now started. If you want to learn about mushrooms in the privacy of your home, and do so at your own pace, sign up with the only one that has more than 30 years of experience. No one else but FMRC can give you the real training you desire to have.  Courses start as low as $100.00. Financing is available and pre-approved! 
Enrollment Application on back of this Catalog.
Tuition Schedule:

Persons who pay full tuition up front, may deduct 10%. Persons who wish to make tuition payments by the lesson can pay 20% down and then make remaining payments as lessons are successfully completed. Lessons are completed at your convenience. They are sent by mail, graded, and returned with the next lesson. Upon completion of all lessons, and receipt of full payment, the degree is awarded. Text books are not furnished. "The Audubon Society Field Guide To North American Mushrooms, by Gary H. Lincoff is the preferred textbook for all these courses. This book can be ordered through most book stores. Other mushroom books may be helpful when completing "Extra Credit" portions on tests.
Additional materials needed to complete Doctor or Master degrees of Completion are all furnished. These may include specimens, spores, cultures, reagents, and other reading materials like "The Mushroom Researcher ($50.00 value, and "Growing Mushrooms Without Contaminations" (a $25.00 value). Students living outside the US must add an additional $40.00 to cover "Out Of Country" Airmail and Handling.
All of the following Lessons must be completed for Doctor's level. Lesser degrees require fewer courses to be completed.
1.....Plant Structure
2.....Basic Mycological Terminology
3.....Microscopy (Student must have access to microscope)
4.....Advanced Mycological Terminology
5.....Identifying Mushrooms
6.....Identifying Mushrooms With Chemical Reagents
7.....The Mushroom's Spore
8.....Mushroom Toxins
9.....Psychoactive Mushrooms
10...Cultivation Of Mushrooms ("GROWING MUSHROOMS WITHOUT CONTAMINATION" is provided for this course, a $25.00 value).
11...Maintaining And Preserving Live Mushroom Cultures
12...Deadly Mushrooms, 13...Choice Edible Mushrooms, 14...The Amanita, 15...Lepiota, 16...Hygrophorus, 17...Russula, 18...Lentinus, 19...Pleurotus, 20...Armillaria, 21...Clitocybe, 22...Coprinus, 23...Panaeolus, 24...Psilocybe, 25...Agaricus

Although our "Certificate of Completion" degrees are nonacademic and cannot be used for credit on academic courses, knowledge obtained through these courses can be transferred to academic credits by taking CLEP tests offered by most major Universities and Colleges. Certificates offered may not be acceptable when obtaining positions where an academic degree is required. This is the reason why tuition may sound to be on the "cheap" side. If degrees were accredited through a College or University, this would cause an increase by thousands of dollars in tuition fees.  Back years ago I was told by the University of NorthWest Florida, "To accredit FMRC's Doctor's Degree would cost over $26,000.00."   And my cut is not even in that figure.  Because many of the subjects discussed are not offered by most academic institutions, I decided to make them available.  I many times talk to medical doctors from Poison Control Centers, working on identifying mushrooms involved in mushroom poisonings.  They find themselves learning a lot from me about identifying mushrooms, especially from spore microscopy and taking mushroom spore prints on paper to see their color.  They openly relay to me how Mushroom ID "Challenged" they really are.  When I tell them about these very same courses and how they can take them at their own pace and time, they even sign up!  These degrees actually show higher specific learning accomplishments than what most Universities and Colleges offer. Persons holding academic degrees can present our "Certificate of Completion" as supplemental credentials, and proof of further learning into the specific area of Basidiomycetes.
Transcripts of student's "Records of Achievements" and all Test Scores are made available through FMRC for a $20.00 fee. They are only available to the students who take courses, or to those who have documented request letters signed by the said student authorizing the release of said transcripts.  The only other thing you will need to purchase is the text book used for the courses, "THE AUDUBON SOCIETY FIELD GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN MUSHROOMS," By Gary H. Lincoff. All other materials needed are provided. 


                                                 The 1,000 Times Power Microscope



Wolfe®   Microscope
The "1,000" Times Power!  This is what you need to really see mushroom spores and mushroom mycelium good.  It is the microscope I recommend for the home mushroom researcher.
With its inclined, rotatable head, in-stage condenser, in-base illuminator, and disc diaphragm, this cordless microscope is ready for the most demanding home laboratory. Other features of this Microscope include:
Quality DIN optics with WF10' pointer eyepiece and 4', 10', and springloaded 40' objectives.
Focus mechanism with separate coarse and fine adjustments; incorporates travel stops and a slip clutch to protect slide, objectives, and focus mechanism.  Locked-on eyepiece and stage clips.  This microscope has all these basic features, plus a spring-loaded, 100', oil-immersion lens; quadruple nosepiece; 1.25 Abbe condenser; and LED illumination intensity control.
Size, 14" H, 5" W, 6 1/2" D; wt, about 7 lb

This Microscope can be used anywhere, inside the lab and out. Nickelmetal hydride batteries (included) provide up to 60 hours of uninterrupted illumination. Unlike some other models, this Microscope can be used while the batteries are being charged—that means no downtime for emergencies.
An AC adapter/charger and a dust cover are included with each microscope.
Use anywhere cordless or plugged in.
Batteries recharge and stay charged when the microscope is plugged in.
Uses super-bright LED illuminator instead of a small reflective mirror.

The FMRC 1,000 Times Power Mushroom Research Microsocpe......................$499.00

Not available outside USA


Videos  -  Documentaries  -  DVD's  -  CD-ROMs and other items           Available nowhere else but FMRC

Some of the following documents were saved by us when the "International Library of Extraterrestrials" closed down many years ago.  We are thought to have some items that no longer exist or not available anywhere.  All items are made available from the true, authenticated originals.  If you ever had doubts that UFO's and Aliens existed, and that they never had anything to do with how our government operates, here is your chance to see some real dynamite that will change your mind.  These UFO type items will also be listed here. 

 "FRUIT  OF  THE  GODS" ………A documentary on "Magic  Mushrooms"
By Stephen L. Peele, Curator Florida Mycology Research Center (FMRC).  The only person ever to be awarded a Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Scheduled ONE Permit to do research on Mushrooms that produce Controlled Scheduled ONE Substances. Now you can own the Original 1986 production complete and uncensored in DVD format.  This DVD even includes "Guitar  Beshroomed" that was included in the original version……..what a magic mushroom voyage may be like!  A visual and audio experience you won't soon forget.  Besides actual footage of many of the Psychoactive Mushrooms, you also get:  How mushrooms grow. The spore print. How to clone mushrooms. How to pronounce mushroom names. Shiitake cultivation. General mushroom cultivation. Outdoor cultivation.  Physical characteristics of mushrooms. Collecting mushrooms in the wild. Bruising reactions of mushrooms. Psilocybin and Psilocin. Psychoactive effects from mushrooms. Psilocybin and the related compounds LSD and Mescaline. Field identification of psychoactive mushrooms. Observing Psilocybe cubensis in the wild. Mushroom poisonings. Mushroom toxins.  Running time...1 hour and 20 minutes.  Listed Sale price at FMRC is $86.00.  Each copy is Serialized and Signed by Stephen L. Peele

#FOG DVD........................................................$86.00


          Mushroom  Stamps
From Countries all over the World
I have collected stamps since I was a young boy.  Every stamp I ever saw that had a mushroom on it, I had to have it.  So, my collection of Mushroom Stamps is pretty good.  Many are great actual photographs, others are exact replica water colors by great artists.  Just so happens, just about every mushroom a mushroom person would have interest in, is here in this Collection.  I was even able to find and purchase the famous Gold Foil Mushroom Stamps from The Congo.  These are also pictured here in this great collection of Postage Stamps from all over the world.......that picture Mushrooms.  Over 200 of the best stamps were selected for this CD-ROM.  This turns out to be a great tool in helping you see just what a particular mushroom may look like.  Just looking over all the stamps and their pictures of different mushrooms, is really enjoyable.  What's more though, they actually give you a good "Photographic Collection" of mushrooms that you can use and work with right on your computer!  Here are just a few you will have excellent reference on, Amanita muscaria, Psilocybe cubensis and P. mexicana, Oysters, Boletes, and many more.  Just slip it into your computer and you are off.  This CD works in computers.  Most CD type players for your TV will not play it.  It is a CD-ROM Data Disk for computers.

#MUSHSTAMPS   CD-ROM ........................................$20.00


                UFO  and  Extraterrestrial  Information

John Lear, "MUFON" meeting, May 17, 1989 on UFO's "THE  BIG  LIE"                                                     #UFO 1 DVD...................................................$25.00


The William Cooper presentation, September 1989, entire 3 1/2 hour speech on UFOs and their ties to the President John F. Kennedy Murder.  This once "High Level" Military Insider, even shows the "Snipped Out" film clips of the "driver" of the car shooting Kennedy in the head with a .45pistol.                                                                                                                                                                                           #UFO 2 DVD.....................................................................$25.00


Dr. John E. Bradenburg "The Rainbow Declaration", MUFON Symposiuim, July 1990. Plus Rosewell, The Sphynx, UFO Documents, MJ-12 list.                                                                                                                                                                         #UFO 3 DVD....................................................................$25.00


"Above Top Secret", Taken, Undercover UFOs, Government and UFOs, Lazare, Area #51, Mars Prob Failure, SETE, UFOs in Mexico, and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  #UFO 4 DVD........................................................................$20.00


The Outer Space Connection, UFO Encounters, UFO Abductions, Rosewell, Earth's Place in our Galaxy, Close Encounters 1,2,3,4.                                                                                                                                  #UFO 5 DVD...........................................................................$20.00


Best UFO Video of the 90's, Gulf Breeze Sightings, Scranton, Cherry Creek Cover-up, FDR, Abductions, The Barney & Betty Hill story.                                                                                    

#UFO 6 DVD............................................................................$20.00

We have many more DVD's available about UFO's.  Like, intercepted photographs showing some very strange things going on at the Moon, the back side.  We will post up more UFO DVDs if the above ones do well.  So, lets see some interest if you want more.

                    And now, some UFO News we thought you might like to know............ 

Underground Bases  
Feb. 11, 2008...........James Casbolt is a former MI6 agent who worked in 'Black ops' drug trafficking operations in London between 1995 and 1999. He comes from a line of intelligence people. His grandfather was naval intelligence, his father was MI6 who was also involved in 'Black ops' and his uncle was an MI5 officer in Logistics. From Cornwall England, James wishes to make amends for his part in these operations and blow the whistle on the crimes against Humanity that the intelligence agencies are involved in. MI6 and the CIA have cornered the global drugs trade (which is worth at least £500 billion a year, this is more than the global oil trade) and are now bringing the majority of illegal street drugs into America and Britain.

They are using this drug money to fund projects classified 'Above top secret' which include the building and maintaining of deep underground military bases (DUMBS). There are now over 4000 of these bases worldwide and the average depth of these bases is four and a quarter miles. Some are shallower and some are deeper. The bases are on average the size of a medium sized city and yes, he says there are aliens in them.

James is connected to ex intelligence people who have worked in these underground bases and on other ET related projects. There are vast numbers of children and adults disappearing around the world and ending up in these underground bases. As a former MI6 Agent that has seen aliens first hand and has inside information that will shock even the most disbelieving person. Every person alive on the planet today needs to be aware of this information for their futures.
For more on James Casbolt go to:  www.jamescasbolt.com

Britain set to release secret UFO files

LONDON, Dec. 23, 2007 (UPI) -- The British government will soon release previously classified details regarding hundreds of reported sightings of unidentified flying objects.

The Sunday Telegraph said Sunday that this coming spring, the Defense Ministry will release to the general public 160 files about alleged UFO sightings.

Since the British government department began keeping records about the unusual reports in 1950, more than 10,000 sightings have been recorded.

With officials failing to explain 5 percent of those sightings, a growing number of Freedom of Information requests prompted the release of the classified information.

A former head of the Defense Ministry UFO project told the newspaper that no matter what an individual believes regarding UFOs, the released files should prove to be interesting reading.

"Whatever people think about UFOs, these documents are fascinating and show how the MoD has researched and investigated this mystery for nearly 60 years, without an answer," former department official Nick Pope said.


Defense Minister Ishiba Considers Japan's Options in UFO Attack

Dec. 21, 2007 (Bloomberg) -- Japan's Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba is considering how his Self-Defense Forces could respond to an attack by space aliens while adhering to limits on military action under the country's war-renouncing Constitution.

Ishiba is the second Cabinet member to profess his belief in unidentified flying objects after Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura suggested on Dec. 18 they are the only explanation for ``unexplainable'' things like the Nazca Lines, pre-Columbian etchings in the desert south of Lima, Peru.

Ishiba said yesterday a Japanese military response, such as those in the Godzilla movie series, would require legal review and said he is studying ways Japan could deal with an attack. Ishiba said his comments represent a ``personal view,'' and not Defense Ministry policy, according to the transcript of the press conference published on the ministry's Web Site.

``There are no grounds for us to deny there are unidentified flying objects and some life-form that controls them,'' Ishiba said. ``Few discussions have been held on what the legal grounds are'' for a military response.

Ishiba said that, if the aliens arrived in Japan in peace, a military response would not be legal under the terms of Japan's pacifist Constitution. He also said he was concerned about communication difficulties if a UFO landed.

``If they descended, saying `People of the Earth, let's make friends,' it would not be considered an urgent, unjust attack on our country,'' he said. ``How can we convey our intentions if they don't understand what we are saying?''

Japanese politicians, and the local media's, recent interest in UFOs stems from a parliamentary question from opposition lawmaker Ryuji Yamane about the government's policy on UFOs. The government is not doing any UFO research or preparing for a response if UFOs fly over Japan, according to a report by Kyodo News on Dec 18.

``I haven't seen one myself,'' Japan's Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda said when asked by reporters about UFOs on Dec. 18, 2007.