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The following Gallery is taken from FMRC's Library and Digital Holdings


                                  The Shiitake Mushroom produces "Lentinan"




                      Peele's Lepiota.............Cultivated and photographed by Jeremy Bigwood.







               The above photograph of Psilocybe cubensis was provided by Mr. John Allen






Deadly Mushroom.....hence beware of the Little Brown Mushrooms or also known as "LBM's".



Prints are enlarged to show the print more clearly.

Microscopy photograph of the Deadly Galerina autumnalis spores.  By Stephen L. Peele

In its young stage.  Photograph by Stephen L. Peele

                      Gymnopilus aervginosus


Psilocybe cubensis growning entirely from cow pie.  Photograph by Stephen L. Peele late 70's.






                                           Some have asked "Do you see the "Liberty Caps"?


                                                      Amanita caesarea by Robin Arnold



                                   Showing the "root-like" structures that penetrate deep into it's host tree.



                          The FMRC facility is located out in the middle of 57,000 acres of Timber Land in Walnut Hill, FL                       












                                            The above photograph taken by Stephen L. Peele.


                                  The above collection and photograph is by Stephen L. Peele.



                                                The above photograph was taken by Mr. John Allen.




                              Psilocybe cubensis Red Spore Producing variation.  Photograph by Roger Rabbit.

Dr. Gordon Wasson editing his famous recordings of the Maria Sabina Mushroom Chants.


The Red Spore Producing Psilocybe cubensis originally isolated from the wild by Stephen L. Peele in late 1970's.  It was brought back to life by Roger Rabbit from original spore prints taken at the time of the find.  Photograph by Roger Rabbit.











The above sclerotia were hard and glass-like.  They were produced from an unknown Psilocybe species that was cloned back in 1976 from a barnyard area in CA. This culture was filed under "The Anderson 76"culture from when it was found and the donator's name.  The sclerotia were named "Psycho Sapphire.  Photographed and cultivated by Stephen L. Peele.








 The following is an interview done with Stephen L. Peele back in late 1988.









The above picture of Amanita muscaria was the color front page of a church program handed out many years ago at the Plain View Baptist Church in Pensacola, FL.


                     Dr. Albert Hofmann............Discovered LSD, first synthezised and isolated Psilocybin and Psilocin.







































                                                            Sasha and Ann Shulgin