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Cranbourne Dental is dedicated to offering premium quality family dental upkeep to Cranbourne and neighboring suburbs, while persistently placing patient maintenance and well-being as our top priority. We depend on a tender and compassionate methodology, providing care with understanding and empathy. We believe that we are comrades in our patients’ well-being and health, and consequently, take a comprehensive approach treating treat the individual and not only the mouth.

Our Health Center is conveniently situated in Cranbourne, and we utilize cutting-edge technology and current procedures that you would anticipate at modern dental practices. This comprises intraoral cameras and digital X-rays that enable you to view what the dentist sees, up-to-the-minute integrated digital system and white cosmetic fillings. Our amenities include whole family dental services comprising fillings, preventative dentistry and dental implants, restorations, extractions and oral surgery, wisdom teeth removal, bridges, crowns veneers, root canal treatment, tooth whitening, gum disease treatment and kid’s dentistry.

We also realize how demanding your life can be, and allocate you weekends as well as after-hours dental engagements.


check upWith clinic cranbourne, we take pride in bulk billing all children eligible under the fresh Federal Government Children Dental Paybacks Program. Since January 2014 this Government’s innovative dental scheme known as Developing while Smiling (Kid Dental Payback Schedule) substituted the preceding Medicare Teen Dental Proposal. The current system is intended to help about 3.4 million kids between ages 2 to 17. If qualified, each kid is eligible for $1000 for more than two consecutive years.

To be qualified they should be between 2 – 17 years, have a Medical care card and are whichever part of a household getting Family Tax Assistance Part A or any of the subsequent Australian Government disbursements:

  • Double Orphan Pension
  • Career Payment
  • Special Benefit
  • Parenting payment
  • Disability Support Pension
  • Ab study
  • Youth Allowance
  • Veteran’s Kid Education Structure, in case the kid is more than 16 years old
  • Military Therapy and Reimbursement Act Schooling and Training Arrangement, in case the kid is 16 or older


The only thing more painful than lost filling or toothache is being unable to locate a dentist to consult during an emergency. At Cranbourne Family dental we are always endeavoring to see all our emergency patients promptly, typically on the particular day that you call.

General Dentistry

Cranbourne Family dental provides the high-quality family dentistry amenities with a compassionate and gentle approach. We engage the newest technology as well as digital x-rays, rotary endodontics, and intraoral cameras, whereas only implementing clinically recognized and well-verified practices. Some of the amenities that we provide include:

Restorations (fillings)

We use the state-of-the-art beautifying white fillings which are mercury free.

Root canal treatment

We continuously strive to protect your teeth. In case of any dental infection, we will provide endodontic (root canal) management to enable you to maintain your teeth.

tooth loss

Periodontal therapy

The primary cause of losing teeth is gum disease. Therefore we hearten all of our clients to go for six monthly specialized cleans during your examination (or more recurrent if counseled by your doctor). We also provide dietary instructions and oral hygiene, as well as more progressive periodontal treatments, at times in combination with a periodontal professional, when necessary.